Happy Toes Permaculture Project

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The Seed has been sown! The Journey begins.

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Ok i did it … made the move …

Packed up everything i had into a Caravan and moved 2hours out of Johannesburg city to a small piece of land in the North West province… there was absolutely nothing except grass, not even any trees … i know,  this was totally insane as it gets very hot and pretty cold too in winter … its been tough, but worth it!

In the next few posts i will be “Catching up” to where i am now, i will post things that have allready happened in the last year and a half.

so enjoy the journey …its been a one-crazy-ride!



Author: happytoesfarm

Designing, Building, Planting, Growing, Harvesting, Storing, Saving, Recycling... and other useful, interesting or fun stuff

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