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Piglets .. Sooo much joy!

I just love this time of year .. All the blossoms, new growth, smells and sounds .. And to top it all off 5 new little oinkers, the cutest piglets, these guys are born so tough, fast and cute .. They get through the fences and love playing in the gardens.. BhallukaH (our Dog) chases then back .. Super fast, really cute .. And naughty!






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The Seed has been sown! The Journey begins.

Ok i did it … made the move …

Packed up everything i had into a Caravan and moved 2hours out of Johannesburg city to a small piece of land in the North West province… there was absolutely nothing except grass, not even any trees … i know,  this was totally insane as it gets very hot and pretty cold too in winter … its been tough, but worth it!

In the next few posts i will be “Catching up” to where i am now, i will post things that have allready happened in the last year and a half.

so enjoy the journey …its been a one-crazy-ride!



The Water Weekend …… or should I say week!

the fun begins …
In March 2010 before we moved to the farm we spent a few days here digging out an old Canal System with the hope to bring water to the farm.. from 3 farms away.
.. and yes Success!!!
We woke up the next morning to water gushing into the property at the top end “highest point!!!  and we were camped at the bottom end…. put 2 and 2together…
and then it rained!!!  … we asked for water and we got it!
The car got stuck in mud, the trailer got stuck, our shoes got stuck…  now we had to spent a “few” days extra .. we came for the weekend and left 10days later.
We ran out of supplies so tried fishing for two days..  no luck so the next day we decided to collect some of the abundant crabs and made crab stew..  Candice liked them the best “or she was really hungry”, Byron battled to stomach them… Matti munched away happily …
.. we survived and now we have delicious spring water flowing on the property.